Thank you so much for supporting my dreams…

I truly believe that dreams come true. Sometimes, it can take you many years to accomplish your goals…Sometimes, you may feel that, in spite of all your efforts, nobody wants to listen to you…But, one day, our Lord can give you that unique opportunity you have been longing for…

September has been a wonderful time for me. I have to thank so many people for their unselfish support and ongoing help. It really means a lot to me when people value my work because designing learning experiences is what I love the most:






  • After joining xAPI Design,  a very interesting initiative organized by ADL, my team and I designed a social learning experience that made use of Twitter and the xAPI to track how interactions unfold during an online group discussion. This was an absolutely amazing experience for us! Thank you so much for supporting our ideas, Aaron Silver, Andy Johnson & Jason Haag!
  • After that experiment, I won two badges! 🙂 Thanks a lot for teaching me JSON, for these badges and for all your hard work during our project, Bruno Winck!


  • has also given me a badge! Thanks a bunch to all the people who support my content curation page!


  • As if this were not enough, a brilliant designer who I have always looked up to and respected sent this tweet. I really appreciate it coming from you, Kevin!
  • Finally, I got a very special invitation from Christopher Pappas. I am so grateful to you for that, Christopher!

On September 21st, I celebrated my 34th birthday and I couldn´t feel more grateful for this moment in my life. Sometimes, I need to step back and take a deep breath because I just can´t believe all the good things that are happening to me now. So, please believe me when I say that I don´t have enough words to thank all the supportive people I have met on my way!


2 thoughts on “Thank you so much for supporting my dreams…

  1. What a great idea, Mayra! Each of us should write a similar post thanking anyone who’s ever helped, inspired, encouraged, or given us their time over the years. I would certainly need to upgrade my hosting account before I began the interminable task of thanking everyone who’s helped me over the years:-)

    Happy B-day, Mayra.

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